Our Core Principles


PURE Philadelphia is a group of dancers and drummers who host and participate in events that support love of self, personal empowerment and growth, healthy group interactions, and community outreach.


PURE Philadelphia provides a safe space for women to experience body awareness and comfort. PURE Philadelphia is a community of dancers and drummers making new connections with people we may not have met otherwise, welcoming members and participants from all walks of life, while breaking down barriers between social groups.

Group Agreements

In order to create and maintain a safe container for group gatherings and interpersonal interactions, we agree to abide by the following ground rules. The members and participants in PURE Philadelphia:

  • trust the process
  • let the best in ourselves honor the best in others
  • communicate clearly, directly, and openly in all matters, including dispute resolution
  • actively contribute to a friendly and healthy atmosphere
  • treat all persons with respect
  • honor commitments made to the group
  • study dancing and/or drumming in an environment outside PURE, in order to build and maintain skills
  • are proficient with the choreographies we perform (dancers)
  • are proficient with the drum rhythms we perform (drummers)
  • are caught up with dues payments

Any member or participant who does not follow these group agreements may be asked to leave PURE Philadelphia.


PURE Philadelphia membership is open to any dancer or drummer who shares our mission and vision and follows our group agreements. The benefits of membership include:

  • possibility of performing with PURE Philadelphia, if rehearsal requirements are met
  • participation in gatherings for personal development and community building
  • participation in event planning and chapter meetings
  • participation in group rehearsals, including technique training

Membership dues equal $15, paid quarterly. Due dates are Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice.

Group Structure

There are many roles and types of participation in PURE Philadelphia. We have a core facilitation team, facilitators, teachers, members, and participants. Any one person could occupy multiple roles.

The core facilitation team (CFT) is the central organizing team for PURE Philadelphia, responsible for online presence, event planning, space rentals, publicity, and chapter business. The CFT meets regularly, at least once per month. CFT members make the highest commitment of time and energy to PURE Philadelphia. All CFT are PURE Philadelphia members. CFT members are each expected to maintain an annual attendance of 75% of all CFT monthly meetings to continue serving on the CFT. CFT supports an appointed Event Chair in any/all efforts necessary. All membership business (i.e., new members, member involvement roles, member performance/event involvement) is to be decided by a majority CFT vote.

Facilitators assist the CFT whenever possible, and have no ongoingtime and energy commitments. All facilitators are PURE Philadelphia members.

Teachers lead group rehearsals, teach technique and choreography, or lead personal development workshops. Teachers are expected to be PURE Philadelphia members. In rare circumstances, we may hire a special non-member teacher for a specific focus.

Members pay regular dues to support PURE Philadelphia and are welcome to participate in all of our group gatherings and events. In order to participate in a PURE Philadelphia function/event, each member is expected to be up to date in chapter dues payments.

The title of Event Chair will be given to any PURE member who both volunteers, and is approved by the majority vote of the CFT, to organize an individual event. Once a member is appointed Event Chair, s/he will be supported and respected by their fellow members to manage and oversee the appointed event. The Event Chair is expected to attend all CFT meetings from the time of their appointment until their event’s completion. Only one member may be appointed Event Chair per event.

Participants are welcome to attend our public gatherings, including workshops, personal development classes, and open events. Participants are not required to pay dues, instead paying a per-event fee.